Sake Band Companies


As to the principle of “Open & Share“, we want two sided communication and open technology.

Band Configuration of Necessity

Because we live in a platform ages, it is natural and necessary to open our information and share related resources like one band company.
So, we want to provide machine, chemicals, law materials and hidden technologies among band community.

The properties of brand

1. Wide spread brand images since 1998.
2. The 1st KS M 3809 acquired company in KOREA
3. Prevailed national sales network.
4. Global sourcing and group purchase.
5. Verified system for automatic line production.




1. B/S : We provide several manual and technology service before Governmental permission to set up a factory.
2. P/S : We supply the plant installation and operational process to our band company
3. M/S : Sake as a band organizer, we have a mission to collect and distribute the law materials to our band company. It would be the excellent price compared with other suppliers. Because we are preparing the global procurement system.
4. S/S : Sales services means that our band company could use the sales information in domestic market and also oversees band company could approach the available market data and business network in world wide insulation market.
5. T/S : As it is written in the previous page, SAKE would provide technical service to satisfy the chemical reaction and mechanical accord.

Expectancy Effects of SAKE BAND

1. Sharing of sales and logistics resources
2. Expanding and sharing of globalized brand power
3. Reduction of raw material purchasing costs by group purchase
4. Optimization of production facility management and maintenance
5. Sharing of information regarding certification, environmental, industrial safety, etc
6. Opening and sharing of technical seminars

Global Competitiveness

Comparison of continuous laminating panel machine manufacturers

Origin Company A in Europe SAKE Company B in Europe
Price (USD) 5,000,000 ~ 9,000,000 900,000 + α 4,000,000 + α
Line 20-30M 20-30M 20-30M
Line length and speed is adjustable according to customer’s request
Option Extension of line length, cooling system, anti-explosion facility with Pentane system, etc
Feature – Mixed design for pentane and others
– High speed production
– Complicated A/S system
– No one-stop-service for machine and chemical technique
– Customized manufacturing
– One stop service for mechanical and chemical technique
– Easy and fast A/S and T/S
– Wide range of thickness 20~200T
– No one-stop-service for machine and chemical technique
– High speed production
– Complicated A/S system