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SAKE is the Asia’s leading insulation company. It represents one of the most progressive and respected names in Asian building products since 1997.

From its beginnings in producing Bio Clean Duct (pre-insulated air duct), SAKE has expanded and diversified to become a corporation with worldwide activities.

As a result of continuous effort, SAKE developed Super Panel (PIR, Polyisocyanurate insulation panel) which delivers high thermal performance allowing homes and buildings to achieve premium levels of energy efficiency with some of the thinnest possible solutions.

As the fastest growing insulation and fire safety category in the world, SAKE’s Super Board (PIR panel covered by non-flammable CRC & gypsum board) will provide the perfect solution for meeting both current and future building regulation and effective protection from fire.

SAKE is delivering products and services in the following fields:
-BIO CLEAN DUCT (PID, Pre-insulated Air Duct)
-SUPER PANEL (PIR, Polyisocyanurate Insulation)
-SUPER BOARD (PIR Insulation Collaborated with Non-flammable Board)
-Continuous Laminating Panel Machine
-Polyol System
-SAKE Band Companies



In 21 century, issues concerning “Energy saving and Eco friendly” are coming up one of the urgent and essential to prevent global warming climate exchanges.
As a leading company of poly urethane total solution provider, we are researching the eco friendly chemicals and highly efficient insulating materials that is to satisfy energy conservation, competitive manufacturing machine, and non-flammable safety regulations.
We hope to offer better life to human who are created by God and become stewards who take care of environment.

SAKE Philosophy

“Contribute to Humanity by Manufacturing Eco-friendly Building Materials“

Vision 2020

“No. 1 Insulation Company in Asia & Expanding into World Markets”

– Global manufacturers located on the local areas of 6 continentals.
– Total provider for band company, chemicals, mechanicals and advanced technologies to make a Platform to establish “Open and Share” policy.

Management Policy

Cost Reduction

Maximizing sales profit by cost reduction

Mininizing PPM

Loss zero system

Constant R&D

Researching new materials & Developing advanced technology

Customer & Staff Satisfaction

Providing of enhanced service system


Leading global market by outstanding products